Care and spare parts

In order for you to enjoy your Ethnotek bag for a long time, the right care and cleaning is important.

In case of contamination inside or outside we recommend to wash the bag with cold water and little detergent by hand. For heavy soiling, use a brush with nylon bristles and brush the dirt from the fabric. After this, the bag should be air-dried, and if necessary, repeat the procedure.

Machine or dry cleaning as well as tumble drying are not recommended.

To protect the fabric and the color fastness of the handmade fabrics, we recommend spraying the exposed areas with UV protection and an impregnation contactor. We recommend Nikwax TX ™, Scotchgard Durable Water Repellent Spray or McNett ™ UV Tech ™.

In particular, the handmade textiles change in shape and color throughout the use. This is a natural wear and tear process and it helps to sew up small threads by hand and quickly stuff small holes.

Sharp stones, pocket thieves, bonfires and luggage tapes are known dangers to your bag. If a spare part is broken,  No problem - We keep all important spare parts in stock in Germany.

Send us your repair or spare part request to and you will receive assistance for your bag.

We think, the best bag for our planet is the one that is worn for a lifetime.


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