Why are some products sold out so fast?

Even though we put high efforts into the optimization of our forecast  the demand often exceeds the available supply. Due to long production cycles we cannot quickly reorder highly demanded products, but have to wait for the next production cycle. Our system is the antithesis of fast fashion.

Why can the colors or the cut of a bag be slightly different than on the picture in the webshop?

The fabric panels are produced and cut differently by hand. This process produces a certain variation, but also exclusivity of the products. Ethnotek bags are not industrial products. Each bag is unique - as unique as the person who wears it.

Are Ethnotek bags and back packs waterproof?

Ethnotek bags and backpacks are highly water resistant, with the VaRuna rain cover you will be waterproof against rain and snow..

What can I do if my bag is damaged?

Please contact us and let us check if the case is a valid guarantee issue. In most cases we can repair the damage and you can move on to your next journey in no time. See our guarantee program for further detail.

Who is Jake Orak?

Jake is the founder and mastermind behind Ethnotek. Jake studied industrial design in the USA and subsequently worked as an equipment and bag designer for market-leading companies in Europe and Vietnam. On a lonely motorcycle trip through the mountains of Vietnam, he first came up with the idea of ​​working with traditional and handmade textiles, in order to preserve the culture of traditional textile production. With the first fabrics of the Red Hmong Tribe from the north of Vietnam and the help of a friend (Mr. Ai) emerged in 2011 the first backpacks and bags of the company Ethnotek.

Jake is a socially committed and passionate traveler who is very interested in other countries and cultures. At the same time, he is a professional product designer with a rich experience in bag design. Ethnotek embodies exactly this combination.

Who is Gustavo Trading?

Gustavo Trading is the official Distributor of Ethnotek for the DACH Region.

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