Warranty and repair

Besides social responsibility and fashionable design Ethnotek stands for the highest quality in the processing of its products. That's why Ethnotek offers a worldwide, extended manufacturer warranty for bags and backpacks, which goes far beyond the industry standard.

The products of Ethnotek consist of durable industrial components and traditional hand-made fabrics.

These components are different in terms of material and manufacturing, therefore, a distinction is made between hand-made and industrial components:

• One year warranty for all artisan made components

• 2-year warranty for all industrial components

• 30-year guarantee for the products Raja 46, Raja 30, Acaat Messenger.

In order to see if your case qualifies for a refund, we kindly request that you send photos and a brief description of the defect to service@ethnotek.de

If we are unable to repair the product, we will send a new replacement bag. If the same style bag is no longer available, we will provide you with a voucher that matches the original purchase price.

Exceptions to the Warranty include usual wear and tear from daily use we can connect you with our reasonable repair service, which you can learn more about 10 Euro, plus shipping while most parts are free. More complex repairs require further discussion with you and our tailor.

If the issue is caused by a spare part, or manufacturing error then it’s no problem at all as we keep all important spare parts in stock in Germany.

You can learn more about these exceptions in our Terms and conditions.

We think, the best bag for our planet is the one that is worn for a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please contact service@gustavo.de

Through the voluntary manufacturer guarantee of Ethnotek, the rights of the customer from the European statutory warranty are not affected or restricted.

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